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Eurodebate of the Economic Journal



In Prague, ICE took part in the Eurodebate of the Economic Journal, the portal Justicie and the Medical Journal, focusing on hot topics related to the future of Europe, under the title: Agenda for the new European Parliament and European Commission. The debate was attended by current and former high-ranking representatives of the Czech public and private sphere, among them Jaroslav Bžoch, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign and European Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, and Brigadier General Prof. Ing. Bohuslav Přikryl, PhD, Vice President of CSG Aerospace. The discussion focused on three important aspects that will certainly be high on the agenda of the future EC and EP: migration and the protection of the EU’s external borders, EU collective defence and the future of the European defence industry, as well as the Green Deal and its impact on the EU’s competitiveness.



2nd National Cluster Conference



How to counter controlled misinformation on social networks? Experiences from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

Although disinformation and conspiracies are not a new phenomenon in Slovakia or in the world, in recent years we have seen an unprecedented growth and spread of disinformation and conspiracies, especially through the Internet, so-called alternative media and social networks. In the Slovak environment, after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, we can observe an […]

Handbook of disinformation campaigns

With the rise of information technology and the ever-increasing accessibility of the Internet to the masses, the dissemination of false information is also becoming increasingly common. Collectively, these are commonly referred to as disinformation, fake news or hoaxes, and users often treat these terms as synonyms and freely confuse them with each other. It is […]

Slovakia – Ukrainian Forum 🇸🇰🇺🇦 / Kharkov days in Košice

Košice, 13.-14. marec 2024 There is perhaps no more important and complex topic today than the issues related to the developments in our neighbourhood. Although the war has cruelly marred any subtext of the discussion on cooperation, the hope of a European perspective is opening up possibilities that few would have considered even 3 years […]

2nd National Cluster Conference

Trnava, 11.-12. marec 2024 ICE participated in the 2nd National Cluster Conference, which welcomed almost 40 cluster organisations from different sectors of Slovakia. We presented our project „Slovak Innovation Cluster for Defence and Security“, which we worked on the last year. The project was supported by the subsidy programme of the Ministry of Defence of […]

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