Slovakia – Ukrainian Forum 🇸🇰🇺🇦 / Kharkov days in Košice

Košice, 13.-14. marec 2024

There is perhaps no more important and complex topic today than the issues related to the developments in our neighbourhood. Although the war has cruelly marred any subtext of the discussion on cooperation, the hope of a European perspective is opening up possibilities that few would have considered even 3 years ago.

Cooperation between municipalities on the renewal and transformation of the energy sector, as well as on technological innovation with a focus on aviation and space, are perhaps unusual but all the more interesting topics that we are addressing.

The Slovak-Ukrainian Forum is co-organised by ICE as part of a broader project with the Centre for Social and Psychological Sciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, v. v. i., and the Department of International Cooperation of the Kharkiv City Administration.

We are pleased that diplomats, politicians, government, university and business representatives from both countries accepted the invitation, as well as EC Executive Vice-President M. Šefčovič (online) and EU Ambassador to Ukraine K. Mathernova.

We believe that such discussions are conducive not only to better understanding, but also to identifying the potential for cooperation, which, despite the war, is extremely high and, if harnessed, will provide a strong development impulse for both Slovakia and Ukraine.

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