Ivan Koblen

Senior Research Fellow

Doc. Ing. Ivan Koblen, CSc. (Colonel- retired) graduated from the VVLŠ SNP in Košice in the field of aviation mechanical engineering and internal scientific studies at the Department of Aircraft and Engines of the Military Academy in Brno. Habilitated in the field of habilitation Transportation at the Faculty of Aeronautics (FA) of the Technical University in Košice (TUKE). He worked at the Research Institute of Czechoslovak Military Aviation in Prague. After the division of the former Czech and Slovak Federal Republic he worked in the armaments and defence research bodies of the Ministry of Defence in the field of technical development of aviation and air defence, armaments policy and planning, cooperation with NATO and EDA in the field of armaments and defence research and international cooperation in armaments.

He worked as a defence advisor – NADREP at the Slovak Mission to NATO. Completed the Strategic Studies in Armaments (SERA) course at the French MoD/ DGA (General Delegation for Armaments). After leaving the MoD, he worked as a quality management representative in an aerospace company and as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology of STU. In addition to STU, he lectured at the Faculty of Aeronautics of TUKE (where he is a member of the departmental committee of the study field of Transport) and the Faculty of Special Technology of the Trenčín University of Alexander Dubček in Trenčín. He is the author and co-author of 3 scientific monographs, 1 university textbook, 2 textbooks and more than 90 scientific and professional articles published in scientific and professional journals and papers presented at international conferences in the field of aerospace development, defence and security, armaments, defence research, life cycle management of systems, quality management and standardization with more than 220 citations, of which more than 40 citations are registered in the citation indexes Web by Science and in the SCOPUS database.